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Bayou City Play is a group of playworkers, artists, and therapists who advocate for child-directed play opportunities in the Houston-metro area.

We believe self-directed play is an essential part of childhood and a human right.  

Beginning in 2013 we worked with organizations like the Houston Zoo, Harris County Public Library, Shriner's Hospital, Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Baytown Nature Center, Evelyn's Park and Houston schools to provide temporary playgrounds made from found scrap materials, where children were invited to explore make their own decisions and create their own play.

Now we are focused on consulting, training and supporting you to do these set ups. You know best what your community needs and we want to help you make it happen.


  • While we no longer organize community play events ourselves, we believe loose parts play sessions, whether pop-ups in the library, park or other other community center, street play, or regular meet ups in someone's yard are wonderful ways to introduce child-directed play, to connect with community and to showcase children's incredible capability when they are given space and time. Our friends at Free Play Houston can support you and guide you to resources for community play sessions, including trainings and presentations by Bayou City Play.

  • Bayou City Play can also act as consultants to assess your playground or program, to help you integrate more child-directed play, and to introduce playwork concepts into your setting. 

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